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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… most of the time August 20, 2011

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My sister and I went to a conference in Las Vegas this past week. It was an IRS Tax Forum, so right away you’re probably thinking that this must have been torture. Well, if you know me at all by now, you know that there’s always a way to turn a situation into an adventure. I actually really enjoyed myself this week. The conference was three full days of classes on IRS tax issues. They were not all pertinent to me in my position–many of the classes were targeted toward tax preparation professionals (Certified Professional Accountants, Enrolled Agents, etc). However, there were some classes that I really enjoyed. Again, those of you who know me well will not be surprised by the fact that I enjoyed Discovering the New and Payroll Pointers for Filers of Forms W-2/W-3. However, when I was the only one in the room who did not laugh at the comment that included the word “depreciation” followed by a string of alpha-numeric characters, I definitely did NOT feel like one of the cool kids. And then I questioned my social circle for a moment.

Besides the classes I enjoyed, I also enjoyed meeting people. I did not walk away with as many new relationships as I anticipated. I did make some new friends, though. One new friend is a friend of my sister’s from the tax world. We walked up and down the strip a couple nights. Especially the first night, I was such a tourist. I walked most of the way with my mouth open and looking up at all the tall buildings and the bright lights. Because I wasn’t watching the path before me, I stumbled into a few people, but no one seemed to mind or even notice. We saw a couple of outdoor (free) shows. I really enjoyed getting to walk in the warm outdoors after the long days of sitting in the cold (air-conditioned) conference rooms… and I really enjoyed the company.

Almost every restaurant I went into was wonderful about my soy intolerance. The staff was willing to talk to the chefs in detail about what I could and could not eat. They were even willing to make substitutions when necessary. I was able to eat good, healthy food all week (I was happy to find, the morning after I arrived home, that I hadn’t gained an ounce). We stayed at Caesar’s Palace (the site of the conference), and so we ate most of our meals there. I freely recommend Munchbar ( and Payard (

This leads to the point of the title of my post today. Payard sells a Flourless Chocolate Cookie that is absolutely amazing… and completely soy free!! I cannot begin to express my joy at this. I ate a cookie every day I was in Vegas, and I brought a dozen home with me. Having found their website, I will most likely have them delivered to my home on a regular basis.

I believe that many things that happen in Vegas really should stay in Vegas. However, I just had to bring a bit of it home with me. 🙂