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Lysander April 13, 2010

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Yes, it’s been a few days since I’ve written. My last two days in CA were packed. I started a post in the airport on my way back, intending to finish and post it when I got home. Unfortunately, on my way home, I got some very sad news. My Brazilian Rainbow Boa Lysander died at the pet-sitter’s while I was in CA. They have no idea why, and it’s a place I generally trust, but it breaks my heart. He was very gentle, and he loved to be held. He knew the different people in his life, as evidenced by his “snuggle” position with each of us. With me, his mama, he always snuggled on my chest, usually left side near my collarbone. I understand that many of you will not think of affection, snuggling, and sweetness in the same sentence as snake of any breed, but maybe sympathy will come if you think of your own pets, no matter what species they may be. (In other words, please don’t leave comments on this post about how disgusting you think this is… it’s not funny or helpful.)

I have been fascinated by spiders and snakes since I was young. About a year and a half ago, I discovered a local reptile store Scales & Tails, but only as a less-expensive way to get crickets for my tarantula, Charlie. The people who work there are friendly and very knowledgeable (for example, they explained that Charlotte, who I’d bought from a chain pet store before I knew better, was actually Charlie). I often went into Scales & Tails just to see, and hold, the snakes. Last year on my birthday, they set me up. The offered to let me hold a Brazilian Rainbow Boa–the most beautiful snake I’d ever seen. An hour later, I had a birthday present for myself. We quickly bonded, and I had a little more than a year of a sweet relationship. 🙂

My favorite picture of Lysander and me

Lysander hanging out with one of the other “roommates”

While today I grieve, I also hang onto the precious memories I have of our year together.

And tomorrow my post will be more upbeat. 😀

In Him, Joni