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Working Through, Not Stuck in the Mire August 1, 2011

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Just a peek into my thoughts today:
You know my penchant for optimism. For example, a couple weeks ago, I cut my leg… cut it really bad–it required 10 stitches to close! People laugh at me when I say it was an adventure and that it’ll make an epic scar. Some laugh and some frown when I (teasingly?) say that I’ll get a tattoo (“to cover it?” “No! To highlight it–I earned it!! But something feminine: vines & flowers, maybe?”) They get nervous and talk about how it could have been so much worse. My response is that it really could have been so much worse… but it wasn’t! It was what it was, so why freak out. Modern medicine means I was able to have a tetanus shot and stitches in a clean, safe environment, and that I won’t lose my leg.
My current room for practicing a positive attitude and a bright outlook? I’m going through some relationship issues that, not too long ago, would have completely derailed me. As it is, I’m choosing to work through them in as healthy a way as possible. I’ve realized that it’s ok to cry hard when my heart hurts, just as it’s ok to laugh heartily when something thrills me. When something wears me out emotionally, just as when something wears me out physically, I take care of my health and take a nap when I need one! Also, I surround myself with people who love and care about me. People who will jerk the slack out of me if I spend too much time moping (but allow me just a little moping time 😉  ). People who won’t blame circumstances or people for life that just happens (that activity just encourages bitterness and anger). People who will encourage me as I seek to grow from my current situation.
We all go through painful situations. My situations have not been anything near to what others have gone through… and I’ve gone through some things that others couldn’t imagine how to survive. I look at what some people have experienced at the hands of fellow human beings, and I wonder at their ability to function. I wonder how they can not just be consumed by the pain. Their choice to live and laugh and love is an inspiration to me. It’s a dangerous exercise to compare ourselves to others–we’ll live in a yo-yo world of condemnation and pride. But it’s a very healthy thing to look at the lives of others for strength and inspiration.
The people in my life who inspire me on a regular basis: My sisters have always been there to love, support, and pray for me. I can go visit them on a whim when I need to, or we can just talk on the phone and laugh or cry when we need to do that. I’ve mentioned my friend Julie ( We talk almost every day on IM. She’s a constant source of inspiration, encouragement, and laughter for me.
I want to talk a bit about my good friend Kevin ( He’s a social-media guru–if he doesn’t know it, it hasn’t yet been discovered! He has inspired and encouraged me to do what I love… beginning with figuring out what I love! He is always my cheerleader in any new venture I embark on. He is one of the people in my life I want to be proud of me… and he always is. Through his encouragement, I have learned to embrace being more than simply doing. He has taught me to live life on purpose, not just by default. And if someone doesn’t appreciate me for all my value, he says they’re blind dopes (well, you know… that’s my paraphrase). Thanks, Kev. You’re my hero. And thanks for always forgetting that I’m older than you are 😉
So there it is. Life has challenges. Some challenges are major; some challenges just feel insurmountable at the time we’re going through them. How will you choose to face life through your challenges? Ignore, bury, stuff, “if you don’t talk about it, it’s not real”? Get angry, get bitter, blame others, shut yourself off from the possibility of further pain? Or will you embrace life. Will you choose to understand that life is not a destination but a journey. Will you look honestly at your situation, diminish or eliminate pain where possible and/or beneficial, and become a better/stronger person because of it. I believe that anything we overcome becomes our gift and our responsibility for working in our circle of influence. Your story is not your own–share your victories!

This and That June 8, 2010

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Looking at my life, I should be worried, stressed, sleeping poorly, etc. It’s an interesting time. I’m building a house (well, technically, I’ve hired someone else to build it) ,

I’m effecting major change in my job descriptions and in my company,

and 3 of my 4 kids are scattering about the earth and the fourth is coming to live with me. (I know they don’t look old enough in this picture to go across the street, let alone across the oceans and drive wherever they need to go. However, this picture was taken over 10 years ago, so I’m really not as irresponsible as I may seem. 🙂 )

Lately, I’ve been working more purposefully on my walk with God, and He’s been showing me His love and faithfulness in ways I haven’t seen in years. I’m reading the book of Daniel now. As I see God show His power to Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, I’ve been asking Him to show His power in my life. I’m working on obedience and on honoring the commitments I make to God and to others. One thing I’ve learned is that the best way for me to avoid worry is to pray for someone else (my kids, my folks, my friends) whenever I start to panic about how my life is going (or not going).

Just in the last week, He’s helped me in several ways. I found the checks totaling $350 that I’d lost and a 3-month prescription for both the medicines I take every day. My mom found the ankle bracelet that Jeanice had given me to wear while she was in Europe (it took a lot of energy not to see this as an “Apollo 13” bad omen). I found my favorite straw (a seemingly small thing, I know, but one of my best friends gave it to me). By being patient, calm, and kind, I saved my company $1500. He’s shown me specific ways He wants me to pray for my parents. And yesterday, a $200+ car repair cost me less than $40 (in spite of, or maybe because of, my being such a girl in trying to describe what was wrong with it). Yesterday evening, I was short with one of my roommates and made her feel bad just for trying to help me. God immediately told me to go apologize for my rudeness and to treat her the same way He treats me (with love and grace).

My house is coming along beautifully. The frame inspection is Friday. According to those who really seem to know what they’re talking about, this means that the house is framed and the plumbing and electrical stuff is in. I’ll go out again this evening to look at it. I love my house!! 🙂

As for big changes at my company, I’m bringing HR and Payroll in-house and changing 401k companies… all while having a house built and sending three of my babies off to the far reaches of the globe. Very exciting times this summer!

I haven’t been consistent with my exercise, but I’ve been eating very healthful foods. Here’s is what today’s lunch looks like.

In Him, Joni